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Western Suburbs Meals on Wheels from the 1st of July 2015 will be offering it's service to 4 types of clients.

The introduction of the Federal Government's Community Home Support Program will require those seniors seeking a subsidised meal to be approved first before receiving any financial assistance. As a result of this new program and the face to face assessment process the Western Suburbs Meals on Wheels Management Committee has decided to service 4 types of clients.

  1. Exisitng Clients will continue to receive a service without the need for assessment  read more here

  2. Pending Approval Clients are those Seniors  who have registered with Western Suburbs Meals on Wheels and the Community Home Support Program and are waiting for assessment and/or approval. read more here

  3. Approved Clients are those Seniors who have received formal advice from the Regional Assessment Service of their eligibility for Government Assistance. read more here

  4. Direct Clients are people who would like to receive a meal but are not interested in or eligible for Government assistance. read more here


St Lucia meals on wheels is always happy to helpWestern Suburbs Meals on Wheels will be happy to assist people to navigate the new process and register their interest. In most cases we can begin delivering the next day while you are waiting for your approval.

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Western Suburbs Meals on Wheels delivers Peace of Mind with every meal.

No other food service can do what we do so make Meals on Wheels your choice.

Each time we deliver a meal to our clients we discretely verify their wellbeing and safety. This is the Peace of Mind we offer to our clients and their families.  Our volunteers play a vital role in helping our Frail Aged clients to stay in their homes longer. The importance of the Volunteer's daily visit helps our clients to feel part of the community.  Our clients love to share stories about years past, share family photographs and stories about grandchildren.

 To become a client please contact us today for information about our service and OUR simple registration process.

Phone 3870 1670 between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm






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